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Health Occupation Students learn CPR

Last Wednesday, In Mrs. Brinston's Health Occupation Year One class got the opportunity to learn CPR through Mrs. Brinston who's a certified instructor for American Red Cross and American Heart. Students got to learn what it takes to learn CPR as well as demonstrate it and test for their teacher. Students also learn who can benefit from CPR and How it change someone's life who's in danger. CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a combination of chest compressions and artificial ventilation to manually intact brain functions until further measures.

RHS HOSA Visits Huron Valley Ambulance

Last week, students from Mrs. Brinston's Health Occupation class went to Huron Valley Ambulance to learn about careers and lifestyle of a EMT at a Ambulance company. Founded in 1981, Huron Valley Ambulance is a non-profit, nationally accredited community ambulance company that provides non-emergency transportation, paramedic emergency transportation, and compassionate emergency care. Huron Valley Ambulance has been trusted by community's from the start and hope to provide services to more counties in the future. Mrs.

RHS Host HOSA Regional Conference

More than 800 students from 12 different schools packed Romulus High School on Saturday December 3rd for the Health Occupations Students of America Region 5 Leadership Conference. Terri Brinston is a 20-year veteran in the health care industry and serves as Romulus High Schools’ Health Occupations Instructor, she is credited with coordinating the event. “I am thankful for the more than 70 volunteers who helped make this event a success. “It is important that we support our students so they can sharpen their skills and pursue their passion ” said, Brinston.

HOSA Prepares Future Health Professionals

For nearly 20 years Romulus High School Teacher, Terri Brinston has empowered hundreds of students through her Health Occupation program. Many of her former students are currently strengthening the workforce as doctors, nurses, researchers, EMTs, CNAs and more.  HOSA is an exciting, leadership driven, educationally advanced, and professionally focused student organization.  Students that participate are given the opportunity to associate with many healthcare focused professionals and students from across the world.