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Student Orientation

RVLC Students and Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you back for another school year.  We hope you had a wonderful summer. It is that time of year again to begin to prepare for the next school year.  We do have some exciting news to announce. RVLC is changing locations! We will still be located at Romulus High School but now we are more closely working with Romulus Adult Ed that we are sharing a wing of RHS with our own entrance.  As you arrive for your orientation please park in the “Non-Taco Bell” front parking lot and enter the building using door #29.

Enclosed, you will find the necessary paperwork to be filled out before your Orientation Meeting.  Every student, and a parent if student is under the age of 18 is required to schedule and attend a 30-minute orientation meeting by the first week of school (Tuesday, Sept 4 - Friday, Sept 7).

Please contact Mr. Cooper, the RVLC Coordinator, or Mr. Catanzarite, RVLC Mentor Teacher, by email or by phone during regular school hours (7:00am - 3:00pm), to begin to schedule your orientation on a first come first serve basis.  Drop-ins will be scheduled when an opening occurs.

During the scheduled meetings, students will:

  • Have ID/Picture taken.
    • All students are required to have an updated photo on file, and to wear the ID badge upon entering the school building.  Appropriate dress is required.  No headwear for pictures.
  • Settle fines if owed.  Return previous years equipment, if needed.
  • Turn in Emergency Information Sheet.  Must be filled out completely in ink with parent signature.
  • Turn in Internet Access/E-Mail sheet.  Must be signed by parent and student.
  • Turn in Free & Reduced School Meals Application, if needed.
  • Confirm and sign Educational Development Plan.
  • Sign Student/Parent Agreement.
    • Students enrolled in RVLC are eligible to participate in a Technology Loan program that consists of a device and internet.  In order to participate in the program, the following must be completed:
      1. Electronic User Agreement must be completed.
      2. Technology Loan Agreement must be completed.
      3. Refundable deposit (minus processing fees) of $100 must be submitted.
  • Receive and/or review online/virtual program username and password along with classes.
  • Arrange weekly contact times.

We want all RVLC students to have a successful experience in our program.  If at any time, you or your child experiences any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr. David R. Cooper
RVLC Coordinator
Phone: (734) 494-0256

Mr. Dominic Catanzarite
RVLC Mentor Teacher
Phone: (734) 992-7186