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Promoting Healthy snacks at RMS

Apple Tasting

On Tuesday, November 26th, the Romulus Middle School students participated in an apple tasting during the lunch periods. The Michigan Apple Committee supplied our Project Healthy Schools Wellness Champions with three different types of Michigan grown apples, voting ballots,
bookmarks for the students and apple cutters to use during the tasting. Each student was provided with a sample of a Fuji apple, Gala apple and a Jonagold apple. After taste testing all three varieties, the students recorded their vote for their favorite choice. The results were
calculated and the Fuji apple won receiving 45 votes. The Gala apple came in second with 25 votes, while the Jonagold received 20. A big “thank you” goes out to Mrs. Forrest for supervising the tasting, Ms. Kubany for organizing the event, and three student volunteers,
Akyla Archer, Mariah Lewis, and Neveah Stevenson who provided the apple samples to the students.