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Symphony Band Receives First Division Rating at MSBOA

The Romulus High School Band Program under the direction of RHS Alumnus Jessica Mills earned a first division rating for the first time since 2009. The District 12 Band Festival, which hosts schools from throughout the region, was held at Riverside Middle School in Dearborn on Saturday, March 12th. The bands gather, perform, and receive critique by three judges on rhythm, technique, and intonation in addition to posture and overall sound. Ratings range from V to I, with 1 being the highest. Bands are then invited to sight-read in front of an additional judge, where they are challenged to learn and perform a piece of music in only five minutes. The Romulus High School Symphony Band received the following ratings: II, I, I, II in sight-reading for an overall I. By earning the highest rating the RHS band now has the opportunity to compete at the state level in April.