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School focuses on Leadership

Barth Elementary invited parents and community members to attend their annual student led Leadership Day. The event allows students to showcase how being a “Leader in Me School” has improved the overall learning environment. Throughout the day students performed a musical act, hosted tours for parents and shared their daily responsibilities.

The staff has implemented the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People created by Steven Covey. The habits are designed to prepare students for success by developing their self-confidence and teamwork skills. The habits comprise of timeless principles that help individuals cultivate personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Principal David Thompson believes his staff and students have rallied around the program and it has created a positive atmosphere. Thompson says, “Everyone has the ability to lead, for some it just needs to be developed”.

The “Leader in Me” framework is also designed to support national and state academic standards. The process teaches the skills needed for academic success in any setting. It provides a logical, sequential and balanced procedure for schools to design an ideal culture and a vision. Thompson added, “That after visiting other “Leader in Me Schools” I knew it was a perfect fit for our students and what we are trying to accomplish at Barth Elementary”.