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Barth Celebrates MLK

Barth Singing

On Friday, January 16, 2015 students at Barth Elementary School participated in a school-wide assembly honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each class created a presentation tying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The program began with the students marching through the school to the song This Little Light of Mine and ending the march in the school gym. In the gym, a group of fifth grade students sang the anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing. Next, the kindergarten students sang the song True Colors. They were followed by the first graders singing He Had a Dream. Then Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Duncan’s class created posters and told us how Dr. King demonstrated the 7 Habits in his own life. Mr. Gibb-Randall’s 4th graders sang and chanted Counting Dreams and told how Dr. King lived Habit 4: Think Win Win. Mrs. Rollins 4th and 5th graders sang We Shall Overcome while creating an awesome collaborative art display. Mrs. Wadsworth’s 5th graders sang a freedom song and presented posters about Dr. King and the 7 Habits. Next, Mr. Bono’s 2nd graders sangDr. King Had a Dream while an informative power point played in the background. Mrs. Terwilliger’s 2nd grade class ended the program with a cute song called Tell me Your Story