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Heritage Celebration

During the month of December,  5th graders at Barth Elementary had the opportunity to share and learn about their classmate’s heritages and cultural backgrounds. The three week project began with each student tracing back their family’s heritage as far as they could. This experience included having students interview their oldest living relatives and learn about what their childhoods were like. Many students made fascinating discoveries, such as Codi Clark’s great grandfather who earned a Purple Heart in World War II. Matthew Williams shared that his mother played softball for the University of Michigan during college, and Emily Lawrence brought in Russian Nesting dolls passed down from her Aunt Lillian. The project concluded with a celebration in which each student invited a guest. The celebration included sharing family artifacts and foods that were part of their culture. Guests were treated to dishes that included Long Cake made from a 3 foot long pan that has been passed down over 100 years in Maurice Robinson’s family.  Cameron and Matthew Gosset brought in German Stuffing and Eston Williams brought in Sausage and Sauerkraut served on the Polish side. This was a wonderful learning experience for all who were involved.