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School Board Approves Temporary Fix to Athletic Complex

Romulus Community Schools’ Board of Education has approved Turfix Synthetic Sports Field Specialist to conduct temporary repairs at Romulus High School’s football and soccer field. The construction cost is approximately $12-thousand dollars, and is scheduled to begin in April, the work will take up to four days to complete. The funds will be allocated from the Wayne County Enhancement Millage that passed in 2016. Superintendent Marjie McAnally said she is excited that students will be able to participate in spring sports with no disruption. She added that athletics are vital to the overall development of our student-athletes and that sports play a major role in our school community. The field is heavily utilized and will not only allow Romulus High School and Romulus Middle School sports to move forward in the short term but will also allow the three teams from the Romulus Flyers youth football program to continue. Besides school use, the facility is used for various community events, the track is also open to the public for recreational use.

The athletic facility was closed due to a failed safety inspection, following the 2017-18-football season. The district attempted to pass a 10-year 3-mil sinking fund millage last November, which would have allocated funds to address long-term solutions. The sinking fund could have generated an estimated $2.3 million a year and would have cost homeowners an average of $140 annually. In addition to upgrading the athletic complex to industry standards, renovations across the district would have been addressed with the sinking fund dollars. “There is a dire need to improve our parking lots, roofing, plumbing, doors, windows, fire suppression systems, and technology across the district. Although the ballot proposal fell short by 143 votes, I believe that our community understands the importance of a strong school district and that they will invest in Romulus Community Schools in an August election. Our main goal is to move Romulus Community Schools forward in order to serve our families for generations to come” said, Mark Edwards, Coordinator of School Relations.

Turfix proposed the best value to temporarily extend the life of the field, which was constructed in 1999, the repairs will ensure that it is safe and usable for up to two years. The company will conduct a GMAX test throughout the field, GMAX testing is fundamentally designed to warrant that a field is performing the way it should with respect to impact or shock absorption. A large portion of the repairs will include fixing a sunken area near the north end zone. The process will include cutting back the turf, filling it with a stone mix, leveling it out, and rolling it back before seaming it. Other repairs will include cleaning debris from the field, rejuvenating matted fibers, laying a rubber infill, and seaming any loose or additional tears in the turf.