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Students Learn About Inclusion Through The Film Wonder

Students today live in a society where they are constantly competing and comparing themselves to one another. In order to promote inclusion and compassion 5th grade students from Barth, Halecreek, Romulus Elementary, and Wick schools viewed a screening of the film Wonder. The movie is based on the bestselling children’s novel and promotes a key message of kindness toward others. The story surrounds the life of a 10-year old boy named Auggie who has facial deformities from a birth condition called Craniofacial Difference, which affects 1 in 700 births. “Wonder" delivers a powerful message to our children about acceptance of each other's unique qualities and how to cope with the realities of being "different". “People are all unique in their own special way and it is important that we promote kindness especially to our children”, said Marjie McAnally, Superintendent of Romulus Community Schools. A partnership with Emagine Theaters, JORY Children's Foundation, Durham Transportation Services, and Chartwells Foodservice made this positive learning experience possible.