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City of Romulus Fills a Bus for Flint

Romulus- The Flint water crisis sparks action in Romulus as the community bands together filling a bus with bottled water. The citizens of Flint are relying on grass root efforts like this to maintain a normal life, as they live with a contaminated water system. Everyday responsibilities such as cooking and washing clothes have been compromised due to the lead that is leaching through the outdated pipe system.

Word spread quickly throughout Romulus about the one day water drive thanks to social media, a district wide automated robo-call and posters. In just over three hours people came pouring in with cases of water in hand. Mark Edwards Coordinator of School Relations for Romulus Community Schools said, “ I had no idea it would be this successful, it shows the compassion that the people in our city have for others. We are a hard working group and I think we realize that it could be us”. Flint is roughly 70 miles from Romulus.

The school district partnered with the student government committee at Eastern Michigan University and the Bright Futures afterschool program to help the residents of Flint. “We know that collecting water will only help in the short term, however it’s what we’re able to do,” said Edwards. The district also showed their students an educational video produced by the Romulus middle school Bright Future’s program to help educate them on the environmental and social ramifications of the crisis. Wick elementary has also stepped up to do their part by collecting funds to assist with recycling which has been an arising issue. James Jameson Operations assistant for the Convocation Center at Eastern Michigan University stated that the delivery from Romulus was the largest one-day drop he had seen.